One-to-one Exercises and Physiotherapy Practises

One-to-one Exercises and Physiotherapy Practises

One-to-one Exercises and Physiotherapy Practises:

After the diagnosis of the doctors and the consent of the physiotherapists to receive physiotherapy, out patients are evaluated by the physiotherapists to design a therapy programme. In line with the available information of the patients in their files, physiotherapy evaluations are conducted in accordance with the diagnosis of the patients.


  • Shortness test
  • Muscle test
  • ROM measurement
  • Girth measurement
  • Posture analysis
  • Pain evaluation
  • Neurologic examination: -brunstromcategorization, - spasticity evaluation
  • Patient mobilization evaluation
  • Respiration evaluation
  • Lymphatic evaluation
  • Balance-coordinationevaluation
  • Occupationalevaluation


As a result of the evaluations; method, frequency and duration of the treatment are determined by the doctors and physiotherapists and then patients are informed about the procedure for confirmation followed by programming the treatment. If the patient does not have urine and stool incontinence and if there is no risk of a contraindication that might arise from the contact with water, water exercises are also included to the treatment programme.

Treatment programme includes the following general physiotherapy-manual therapy practises with an accompanying physiotherapist

  • Brunstromtechnique
  • Bobathtechnique
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques
  • Stretching exercises
  • Stretching
  • Mobiliziation and manipulation techniques
  • Taping (rigid, kinesiotaping)
  • Proprioceptive exercises

Progressive resistive exercisesAlong with one-to-one and water exercises, robotic treatments help to the conditions when a single treatment does not give adequate advantage to the patients by aiming a fast recovery.

  • Balance-coordination exercises
  • Manual skillexercises
  • Walking balance exercises
  • Steps education
  • Mobilization education
  • Ergotherapy
  • Daily life activities
  • Transfer education
  • Respiration exercises
  • Manual lymphatic drainage andbandaging
  • Pilates technics


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