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Magnetic Therapy
Son Güncellenme Tarihi: 01-01-1970 02:00:00

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a treatment that consists of the application of magnets on the zones of the human body in which one suffers pain or some type of pathology. This technique is based on the biomagnetic pair, that is, on a positive magnet and a negative magnet that interact with each other by correcting the Ph of the organism and eliminating the negative effects of a multitude of diseases.
Medical biomagnetism is used primarily to heal chronic diseases and in those that have no cure through traditional medicine. However, and although it is an alternative technique, it is perfectly compatible with other treatments so the patient can combine their medication with this system without any risk. Magneto therapy is also indicated to relieve pain in joints and bones.
Effects :
The effects of Magnetotherapy are perceived quickly and from the third session the healing is almost complete. The results, however, depend on the deterioration of the area of the body because of age or progression of the pathology suffered.


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