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What are the benefits of Mud therapy?

Mud therapy can help with a variety of ailments related to the musculoskeletal system, including arthrosis, arthritis, sports injuries, advanced joint pain, and early stages of autoimmune diseases. In addition, beneficial microorganisms in the mud produce substances that have a proven anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Mud also help alleviate arthritis pain, detoxify the body and stimulate circulation as well as re-mineralize bones and strengthen cartilage tissue. In addition, balneotherapy has a positive effect on strengthening sexual function and balance in a more natural way, thanks to its interaction with the neuroendocrine system and production of beneficial hormones.

On another level, the combination of thermal water and powerful minerals helps flush toxins from the body while stoking the metabolism and producing anti-stress hormones. In this sense mud therapy is a strong anti-stress therapy, which helps you achieve a younger feel and a fitter lifestyle. This is as close as you get to a natural 'miracle' cure.

How is mud therapy applied?

A therapist mixes specially imported mud that contains active ingredients to encourage healing with Thermal's water. The mud is then applied to the whole body at a specific temperature that feels slightly warm to the body and remains on the patient for 15 to 20 minutes. In essence, you will be enveloped in a natural thermal blanket that brings with it a very relaxing feeling.

You can then wash the mud away before sitting in a Jacuzzi-type tub that is filled with the rich thermal water of Nobel. A subsequent resting period of half an hour will open the pores and release toxins from the body. This is followed by a massage to enhance the effect of the mud treatment and encourage relaxation while toning the nervous system and muscles, as part of the healing process.

In summary, the six key points involved in mud therapy are applying the mud, waiting for it to activate the immune system, removing the mud, sitting in the thermal tub, allowing the body to release toxins, and finalizing with a healing massage.

How exactly does the mud react with the body?.

Supported by the concentration of mineral salts in both the mud and the thermal water, and through an osmosis-like process, the skin absorbs beneficial nutrients while expelling toxins through the body's pores and sweat glands. This stimulates the metabolism and produces beta endorphins and cortisol, both of which are hormones that combat stress. The neuroendocrine system – the mechanism by which the hypothalamus maintains its balance – also reacts to the mud by increasing the production of hormones that are beneficial to the body. In parallel the hot mud helps the muscles relax and boosts circulation.



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