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SPINAL CORD Decompression
Son Güncellenme Tarihi: 01-01-1970 02:00:00

SPINAL CORD Decompression


New technology is a computer controlled and robotic system; Waist and neck are used in

the treatment of hernia.

AntalGic-Trak is also a backbone pressure reduction / spinal decompression device, which

also functions as a waist neck robot. It is a comfortable device that reduces the pressure on

the spine and nerves, and the pain, numbness and weakness that are attached to the waist

and neck. The spine allows 3-D motion and thus provides retraction of the diskin to the

anatomical region and retraction of the hernia. The rate of successful treatment was

reported as 90-95%.

The device reduces the intra-disk pressure and causes the hernia to stretch in size. The

applied force is instantly checked and adjusted from the computer screen. The opening

between the vertebrae can also be detected in millimeters and the reduced pressure on

that area is reflected on the touch screen. Since the values ​​in the Antalgic-Trak device are set

according to the patient, the level of the nevre and the nevre pressure, the maximum

benefit we want in the patient is achieved. The desired decompression between the

membranes is done with out causing pain in the patient.

Antalgic-Trak regresses the hernia in the waist and neck region of the patient and destroys

the pressure of the hernia, hence pain and numbness.

The device applications last for 10 sessions, proving that the MR hernia is pulled back after


There are many treatments in the back and neck, which are very common in the society,

from medication to surgery, but in general, patients are looking for different treatment

methods. They want to get rid of their pain and return to their painless days and increase

their quality of life. Antalgic-Trak, which is used for this purpose, offers good-looking results

in appropriate patients, as opposed to the old methods, it offers shorter treatment time.


This device can be used in 3 Dimension, not on a flat table stretcher, has a comfortable seat

and can be turned slightly to the right and left lateral flexion and rotations for the waist and

neck if necessary in the patient. For example, on the right side of the nerve pressure caused

by the hernia, the direction of the device (the lower part of the seat or the direction of the

apartment in the neck) is set to the right side and the device is operated in this way, ie if the

pressure of that area is reduced or there is curvature in the patient's position,Is used by

bringing the patient into rotation, and the patient is freed from the curve. It is the only

device that can be used with 3 dimension.

Antalgic-Trak's difference from other methods of treatment in the back and neck

1-It is a non-surgical treatment method.

2- It is a painless treatment

3- Needle, no medication required, no radiation / radiation given to the body

4- No harm to the person

5- Does not require hospitalization

6 - 3 dimensions (device can be adjusted according

To the hernia or the curve so that we can provide exactly the desired treatment)

7- Computer controlled

8-Immediately gives the pressure signal from the patient's backbone to the screen (feedback

sensor is available)

9- Since the practicing healthcare staff can see the pressure decrease value instantaneously,

it can set the exact amount of decrease in pressure required


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