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What is Spinal Cord Paralysis?

Spinal cord palsy is caused by damage to the spinal cord in the spine, and if there is any damage to the spine, there are various degrees of paralysis. With the spinal cord injury, not only the movement system is affected, but also the bladder and bowel cannot function. Spinal cord paralysis can also be lost in the control of urine and faeces.


What can be done in the treatment of spinal cord paralysis?

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are the main components of spinal cord paralysis. The earlier the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of spinal cord paralysis, the better. The patient's compliance with his / her rehabilitation team and his / her psychological condition also affect the outcome.


What are the Methods Used in the Treatment of Spinal Cord In our Center?

In our center, we use methods such as one-to-one physiotherapy, one-to-one rehabilitation, walking and arm therapy, electrotherapy and medical massage with physiotherapist to ensure that patients with spinal cord paralysis can re-use their arms according to their level of injury.


Causes of Spinal Cord Paralysis:


A. Diseases

In the spinal cord, a disease that occurs in the environment and in the spine can compress the spinal cord. If this pressure is not treated in time, spinal cord paralysis may occur. These diseases can be grouped under the following headings:


Urs (Tumors): Spinal cord paralysis may cause spinal cord compression in the spinal cord.


Infections: Spinal cord paralysis may occur as a result of diseases such as spinal cord (Pott's disease), meningitis, deforming the spinal cord


Soft Tissue Diseases: Severe vertebral hernia, deformations in the tissues surrounding the spine, diseases that develop in the soft tissues can also cause spinal paralysis.


B. Traumas

  1. Traffic accidents
  2. High Falls
  3. Accidents at work
  4. Gunshot wounds
  5. Sports injuries (Jumping into shallow water, etc.)
  6. Natural Disasters (Earthquake)

Results of Spinal Paralysis

Tetraplegia ;

As a result of injury to the neck, the arms, the trunk and the legs are affected. Difficulty in breathing and coughing may occur.


Paraplegia is a paralysis that affects the trunk and legs that occur as a result of spinal cord injury at the trunk level. The arms are completely normal. No matter what level of spinal cord injury, it has difficulty in controlling the intestines and the bladder.

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