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Orthopedic rehabilitation aims at the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and joint disorders before and after surgery.


Hand and ankle fracture, dislocation cases, elbow-knee injuries, meniscus, ligament, tendon, nerve injury and disability post-operative rehabilitation, knee and hip prosthesis operations before and after rehabilitation, walking and foot problems rehabilitation, spine, waist-neck injuries pre and postoperative rehabilitation. Effective results are obtained in the treatment of orthopedic disorders by thermal water.

Thermal water treatment has an important role in the rehabilitation of joint stiffnesses after orthopedic or skeletal system surgeries, accidents or operations, rehabilitation of joint freezing and muscle hardness.

It has been observed that fractures are improved in a shorter period of time, functional disorders can be corrected after the disease, and effective results have been obtained in mobilization treatments after long periods of inactivity such as brain and nerve surgery.

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a specialized subunit in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation and offers treatment options with evidence-based scientific approaches in the treatment of many diseases in the musculoskeletal system. The patient, who is suitable for orthopedic rehabilitation, is evaluated by physical therapist and physiotherapist and a special rehabilitation program is drawn up. The duration of treatment and the number of sessions will vary according to the patient's problem.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation;

Orthopedic rehabilitation is the rehabilitation of long-term and short-term goals before and after treatment in all orthopedic cases of the musculoskeletal system requiring conservative or surgical treatment. The job is not only to bring the patient to the optimum level of functional well-being and to rehabilitate the patient, but also to protect the patient's current condition and surgery.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation;

Joint stiffness and circulatory disorders after fracture / dislocation,

Meniscus, ligament injuries and other sports injuries,

Scoliosis and curvature of the spine,

Flat feet and foot problems,

Orthopedic operations (like prosthesis) before and after rehabilitation

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