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What is Brain Paralysis?

It is a disease caused by damage to the brain cells as a result of the bleeding or bleeding of the vessels leading to the brain. Symptoms usually include weakness in the arm and leg, numbness, speech difficulty, difficulty in swallowing in one half of the body.


What can be done in the treatment?

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are recommended for the treatment of the losses after stroke. Early rehabilitation programs should be initiated to prevent joint stiffness. The main purpose of the treatment is to provide these functions by activating the cells, which are not lost to the brain by means of robotic walking and arm devices, various physical therapy devices and appropriate exercise programs. In our center, in addition to the exercise treatments applied by therapists in the pool and rehabilitation hall, advanced technology walking and arm robotic rehabilitation devices are used in the treatment of brain and spinal cord paralysis.


What are the causes of brain paralysis?


Factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, heart disease, high cholesterol can be effective in the development of cerebral palsy.

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